Predators Aliens Marines



Doesn't get any brighter than this, made up of corridors and stairs and a dimly lit landing. Weapons available are smart gun, pulse rife, shotgun and of course pistol. C-Block, a survivor map in co-op but also appears in 'Colony' singleplayer.
You start in one of the corridors with the doors sealed and the corridor partly block, but as with xenomorphs they get through the gaps in the barricades, walls and floors. After 3 waves of drones, the doors are unlocked from the tunnel and you have a free run of the complex.



  • Weapons that are available.

Smart Gun
Pulse Rifle


  • Waves of Aliens steadliy increase, as do their ability and resistance to your weapons.

Drones, Warriors and Praetorians on this level, Drones only taking a few rounds and 10-12 can be killed per clip, Warriors taking about 20-40 rounds and Praetorians you find yourself reloading after each.


  • Tactics, stay in lit areas not shooting out the lights, and the use of the shotgun. Although only holding 8 shots the weapon of choice for those who wish to survive longer.

All weapons can be used as a block and melee this function allows a marine to block and counter-attack. This will give a small reprieve and confuse the xenomorphs, most effective against Praetorians, but be weary they recover and attack in number.