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Prometheus Production



CMA Moldform

Prometheus production featured more than 100 astronaut helmets made by CMA Moldform Erdington, UK. A company who specialize in artwork and modeling created the fully functioning helmets with FB-FX Ltd producing spacesuits and life supports units for the crew. Helmets featured life sensors, intercoms and HUD giving a link with Prometheus, life support and warning signs. These were worn by the crew as they travelled around LV223, as they found that there was a breathable atmosphere inside the Alien Temples they removed them and continued without them and as they entered the Derelict.
(Ridley Scott himself has brought two, (article).)



FB-FX Ltd, (Grant Pearmain MD) produced props, spacesuits and life supports units that featured for all of the crew aboard Prometheus.

Prometheus' crew were equipped with a varity of space suits. Weyland Personnel and Mercenaries were equipped with blue/black Chrysler Suits, while Mechanics were equipped with silver/red. A form of Hazmat Suit were available and these were red. (Project Prometheus promotional site gives more details about the spacesuits).

Oxygen Canisters were made for and fitted into the spacesuits which were also held aboard the Escape Craft and RT01 ATV. Field analysis and med kits carried by the crew as they journeyed into the Temple and other props for the sets were also produced. (link) (article)

Oxygen Canister.jpg

Josie Pledge

Josie Pledge as part of Prometheus' set costume fitting and design was a cutter for crew's spacesuits, like for Vickers aboard Prometheus who was dressed in an ice-silver, silk mohair suit.


Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor as part of Prometheus' set costume fitting and design was the neoprene costume maker for the crew's spacesuits.

As with all the crew, Vickers' outfit under her space suit was comprised of neoprene and worn under an outer suit a helmet and a backpack attached and were produced by FB-FX Ltd.



Scarlet Letters

Scarlet Letters produced and edited title and credits for the film with Prologue Films. (link)

UI Development

Territory Studios/Inventing Interactive

Prometheus UI Development, created almost exclusively by Territory Studios and Inventing Interactive, companies which have been involved previously in video games and films, working together with Prologue Films, (article).

These UI interfaces included a medical interfaces in the Labs, Shaw's table control screen for a projection wall, a head scanner in a med bay, MedPod diagnostic screens, other generic screens aboard Prometheus, vitamin screen in Mess Hall, weather screen, control telemetry and a Weyland logo on the bridge.



Luma Pictures

Luma Pictures is a full service visual effects studio with facilities in Santa Monica, California and Melbourne, Australia, they are involved in visual effects, digital environments, matte paintings, photo-real creature animation, fluid dynamics and crowd simulations.

In the film Prometheus, Luma Pictures produced Shaw's room holographic displaying visuals which Holloway walks through carrying a flower and the futuristic digital cards that Shaw shows Holloway which bring up various details including the DNA sequences when they were together in her room, some scenes were cut from the final film but included in the deleted scenes. (link)((Luma Pictures article)

Deleted Scenes8.jpg

Lola VFX

Lola Visual Effects Visual effects as Lola VFX Santa Monica, CA produce visual effects, CG imagery and graphics for broadcast TV, feature films and commercials.

Lola VFX produced viral ads promoting the film and on screen images involved in the filming of Prometheus, including augmenting the faces of the Engineer characters rebalancing their features to make them look more godlike. (link)

Weta Digital

Weta Digital is a world leading visual effects company based in Wellington, New Zealand, providing a full suite of digital production services for feature films and high end commercials, from concept design to cutting edge 3D animation. In the film Prometheus they added the disintegrating effects for the Engineer sacrifice, Shaw during her procedure in a MedPod and a Pilot's Chair rising and the Engineer morphing in his seat and made a digital alternative of Fifield only appearing in deleted scenes.

A theme for many of these sequences was realistic skin, producing such believable close-up character work, Weta had to build on its effects in Avatar and go even further into sub-surface scattering (SSS) algorithms than ever before producing a digital representation of the actor in prosthetics as he decomposed along with melt water from the glacier, inside his body and as his DNA began being pulled apart.

They also filmed the automated surgery in a MedPod Bay with the CG robotic arms which were filmed with a combination of prosthetic and CG body parts, including the final surgical procedure. (link)


Fuel VFX

Fuel VFX were tasked with the Holo Map, holographic Engineers and control desk effects inside the Derelict's Orrery, laser scanning probes inside the Alien Temple and a Holotab Display on Prometheus' bridge and holographic wall screens in Vickers' suite.

When David tries activating the controls of the Derelict they activate a hologram and Engineers appear switching on the Derelict's controls and setting a flight course and a Holo Map with destination appears. To achieve this a 'deep image' toolset was used to successfully allow artists to adjust and manipulate specific areas of the Orrery in isolation. This negated the need to redo expensive complete renders when minor changes were requested. Spectagraphs mapped the interior of the Alien Temple and which finally led David into the Derelict's Orrery these were then imaged on a Holotab Display on Prometheus' bridge. (link)

Ghost Engineer.jpg
Hologramatic Display Unit2.jpg


Moving Picture Company have been one of the global leaders in VFX for over 25 years, renowned for adding visual wonder and creative expertise to the film, advertising and entertainment industries.

Previsuals from MPC supervised by Charley Henley (who also worked on AvP) worked with Scott and Stammers on action sequences, the space travel shots and shots of the planet's atmosphere with cloud formations and electrical storms including the sandstorm the engulfed the spacecraft, a crash of the Prometheus and an alien ship, Prometheus landing sequence, some small creature sequences that required VFX like various Hammerpede creatures which attack Milburn and Fifield, prosthetic enhancements when the crew get infected in the film like Holloway mutating involving different stages of this including a worm-like creature in his eye and viral ads for David 8.

They started by modeling the surface of LV233 utilized digital elevation files and Google Earth to generate simple geometry of the Wadi Rum valley, then on location in Jordon shooting the location from a helicopter, final shots have the ground of the Iceland filming and the valley walls from Jordan.

They added the landing sequence with the spacecraft and it's extending landing gear modelling and fitting it to scale, blending the flat grey Icelandic landscape with the red walls of Wadi Rum, adding snow-capped mountains and turbulent skies, with most of the filming at Pinewood Studios in London. Modeling Prometheus impacting the Derelict, it's disintegrated structure scattering debris on the surface and blending them in with the running actors and explosion scenes as the Derelict impacts and roles along the surface.

David 8 was shown as a much improved version of the David android series produced by Weyland, ads shown David arriving and being unwrapped from his sealed packaging as part of a promotional campaign. (link)


Prologue Films

Prologue functions as a collective of designers, filmmakers and artists producing visual effects.

In Prometheus, Prologue films produced Shaw's dream sequence while she was asleep in stasis for her flight and edited holograms for the Holotab as they communicated back with Earth which would bring up scanned information and also made the opening titles for the film. (link)

Neuro Visor1.jpg

Hammerhead Productions

Visual effects (VFX) by Hammerhead Productions were mainly produced for Weyland's briefing, followed by Shaw's and Holloway's briefing using WMCDs in the cargo bay after the crew emerged from stasis at they approached LV223, for David's decapitated head in the Derelict's Orrery an elaborate split screen was used using a prosthetic head, body removal and tracking the actor's face onto the prosthetic head in stereo. Further shots included David's linguist support whilst journeying to LV223 aboard Prometheus. (link)

Weyland Modular Computing Device1.jpg
Deleted Scenes Blu-ray11.jpg

Rising Sun Production

Rising Sun Production based in Adelaide produced addition visual effects for the film Prometheus. Rising Sun Pictures are known for providing complex visual effects and cg character work to feature film clients all around the world. With the infrastructure to deliver a full spectrum of services from Design through to Digital Intermediate.

MPC created the sandstorm in the film as the crew retreated back aboard Prometheus with Rising Sun Production producing particulate matter while the crew were in the cargo bay and as Shaw retrieved the bag with the Engineers' head. (link)


Invisible Effects

Invisible Effects produced addition visual effects for the film Prometheus, which mainly included in-house compositions and cleanups.

Pixel Pirates

Pixel Pirates produced additional visual effects for the film Prometheus, which mainly included in-house compositions and cleanups.

Location Services

Company 3

EC3 along with EFILM and Company 3 provided location services for production. Location services include suitably equipped vans and trailers for film production on set, these then would be required at multiple filming locations for cast and crew. (link)

Truenorth Productions

Truenorth Productions as Truenorth provided location services for all production in Iceland.

Motion Capture

Centroid Motion Capture

Centroid Motion Capture, located at Shepperton Studios and Pinewood Studios worked on the Engineers hologram scene with MPC and Fuel VFX. The running Engineers in the sequence as the crew where in the tunnels of the Temple were motion captured from reference points which were then simulated by computers, this for the crew explained who they were and what they looked like, this scene then lead them eventually to the pile of dead Engineers explaining their fate. (link)


Plowman Craven

Plowman Craven are connected with MPC in designing and producing environments and visual effects for the surface of LV223. The surface of LV223 features mountains and Alien Temples, these were produced as CGI images bringing them to life and adding the spacecraft Prometheus landing on the surface.

Plowman Craven specializes in lidar scanning for visual effects - sets, environments, vehicles and large objects recreated as digital assets for the visual effects industry. (link )

Prometheus Creating LV-2231.jpg

Gentle Giants Studios

Gentle Giants Studios used VFX Lidar, cyberscanning and 3D scanning for production in the film Prometheus.

Cyber scanners can accurately capture the entire geometry of any person and create a digital replica, Lidar scanners were used for capturing the details of sets, locations, vehicles and large objects, suppling as a clean mesh or hard surface model. (link)



Lifecast is currently in it’s fifth year of being based at Elstree Film & TV Studios, available for sculpting, mould making, prosthetic makeup and animatronics. Making prosthetics including a neck for David attached to David's animatronic head (made by Gustav Hoegen senior animatronic designer on Prometheus) after he had been decapitated and various Engineer's prosthetics and body parts, makeup and animatronics. (link) (Uncredited)


ReelEye Company

ReelEye Company produced SFX contact lenses for the cast in filming. (link)(Uncredited)

Special Eye

Special Eye produced effects contact lenses for cast in filming.(link)(Uncredited)


HALON Entertainment

HALON Entertainment is a full-service pitchvis, previs, postvis and finals company in L.A. dedicated to the art of storytelling and development and used for previs and opening sequence for Prometheus.

The sequences of Prometheus arriving and landing on LV233 and the Derelict's Orrery pilot's chair and holo map were produced. (link)

HALON Entertainment.jpg

The Visual Effects Company

The Visual Effects Company assisted in motion control and visual effects filming, the company produced promotional ads for the film Prometheus, ads that were part of Prometheus promotion before and after the film's release and are included in Project Prometheus. (link)

Web Design

Destroy All Monsters

Destroy All Monsters a British previs company from Leicester provided previsuals for the film. Destroy All Monsters provides web tools for commerce and recreation and are committed to creating high quality sites which are accessible to as wide an audience as possible. (link)


Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios - Prometheus score was composed by Marc Streitenfeld, the score was recorded in Studio One by our Director of Engineering Peter Cobbin, with John Barrett as Recordist and Kirsty Whalley as Music Editor. Working with a 90 piece orchestra for just over a week, Streitenfeld was keen to experiment with unusual approaches to create a disconcerting sound. (link)


Identity FX

Identity FX offers complete stereoscopic 3D services including consulting, capture, optimization and correction of native 3D footage, 2D to 3D Conversion as well as complete finishing services featuring the Mistika system.

Utilizing Mistika as the primary platform and Ocula for Nuke from The Foundry, Identity FX delivered 49 minutes of native stereo optimization for the film in just over 9 weeks. (link)

One Step Up

One Step Up, a company accredited for SFX foley.

SFX included adding SFX for the film like Prometheus landing on the surface of LV223, it's landing legs extending and engines.

De Lane Lea

De Lane Lea, a company accredited for the ADR recording.

The sound team for Prometheus included Supervising Sound Editors Mark Stoeckinger and Victor Ennis, Sound Re-recording Mixers Ron Bartlett and Doug Hemphill, Sound Designers Ann Scibelli and Alan Rankin, and Sound Effects Researcher Charlie Campagna. (link)

Swing City Music

Swing City Music, a company accredited for music preparation.

Stereoscopic Conversion

Fluent Image

Fluent Image, a company accredited for the digital negative management for the film.

3ality Technica

3ality Technica is a company focused on providing the digital content industry's highest quality stereoscopic production and image technology, main areas are image and geometry analysis, industrial design for the acquisition and camera industries, in all aspects of stereoscopic production and delivery.

Prometheus was shot in 3D but some scenes were shot in 2D needing conversion into 3D including stereoscopic conversions. (link)

Reliance Media Works VFX

Reliance Media Works VFX as Reliance Mediaworks (formerly Adlabs Films) is a film and entertainment services company based in Mumbai. It's a part of the Reliance ADA group, its international presence with the opening of a dedicated film and media services facility in London that offers front-end, processing, restoration, 2D to 3D conversion and post-production services to broadcasters and studios.

2D and 3D scenes in Prometheus needed conversion for seamless filming into 3D. (link)

Gener8 3D

Gener8 3D transform traditional films into thrilling stereoscopic 3D experiences, offering enhanced control that comes with real-time iteration.

Prometheus was entirely shot in Native 3D. However, there were a handful of shots that needed some conversion, including element conversion within VFX delivered stereo composites. Although they only converted 35 shots of the film, Sean Santiago, the stereo supervisor, was thrilled with the results. These converted shots integrated seamlessly with the bulk of the shot native sequences. (link)