Predators Aliens Marines


Jungle. Set on BG386, a similiar setting to the Jungle in single player, and the begining for the Predator missions. A map suited to the Predator. Dark and forested with a central focal point around an entrance, surrounded by columns of stone.


Pyramid. A Marines and Aliens map. A pyramid cut into rock with a main hall that is occasionally passable and a labyrinth of corridors and shifting doors.


Refinery, favours all species. Similiar to the refinery and Queen's lair in single player, the Refinery gives all species a chance to win.


Gateway. Aliens and Predators have a better chance here. Part jungle, part caverns, part complex, suiting the Aliens in distance and Predators in vantage points.


Temple. The open spaces of the Temple and high columns allow for vantage points best suited for Predators.


Ruins. An Aliens and Predators map. Two large open areas interconnected by tunnels, walls suited for the Aliens and columns for Predators. Marines should stay covered as not to become ready targets.

Crash Site

Crash Site is a Jungle swamp map dominated by a crashed drop ship. Radiating away from the swamp is a waterfall overlooking an expansive vista, which is part of a large playable area that surrounds the central swamp, with an area of ruins, jungle and caverns.


Furious is an arena style map with a huge active furnace in the middle. The central area is surrounded by a circuliar stairway allowing access to different levels, and a chance to take a short break before the onslaught.


Machine was used to process exotic ores found on the BG-386 Refinery. This facility also provided electrical power to the colonists at Freya’s Prospect. A portion of map accessible by all 3 species in the course of the game whilst in the refinery.


Docks contain dangerous terrain and includes caustic alkali waters, located on BG-386. Possibly an area off the first level for all species, an area most comparable with BG-386.


Oupost served as Weyland Yutani’s original colony on BG-386, but was later abandoned and now has been reclaimed by the jungle surroundings. It ressembles more of a wasteland, or ancient grounds more than a colony. Comparable to the 'Ruins' single player map which all species have to navigate throught.


Hive, as you could have guessed is deep within Freya’s Prospect, Refinery and is home to the Xenomorph hive. A portion of the map playable by all 3 species, Marines approach from an elevated walkway sealed off in game play, and the Predators and Aliens from the groung level also inaccessible in game play.


Mausoleum, only available in survivor mode. Apart from a lit central area this is a dimly lit map set in a underground monument complex. Pillars support the roof adding to the darkness with only a flash light and a few rays of light streaming throught from the central area.


C-Block, only available in survivor mode. Part of the Colony in single player, made up of corridors and stairs and a dimly lit landing.


Monument, only available in survivor mode. A large colosseum complex in a dimly lit setting, stairs leading away from a central lit area into areas of large stone walls and darkness.


Tempest, only available in survivor mode. Set at the colony on BG386, part of the Colony Complex with little shelter and weather effects switching from clear to raining to mistly.


Survivor, playable only in C-Block, Mausoleum, Hive, Tempest, Monument and Machine.


Deathmatch, playable with upto 18 players, the player with the highest score wins.

Predator Hunt

Predator Hunt, playable with upto 18 players, one player becomes a Predator, (he then has 70s to kill if successful his game is extended) and is hunted by the Marines, player with the highest score wins.


Infestation, playable with upto 18 players. One player becomes an Alien and for each kill turns marines into aliens, this continues until 'the last man standing'.

Species Team Deathmatch

Species Team Deathmatch, playable with upto 18 players in three teams. The team with the highest score wins.

Mixed Species Deathmatch

Mixed Species Deathmatch, playable with upto 18 players in two teams. The team with the highest score wins.


Domination, playable with upto 18 players in two teams. One team Aliens the other team Marines, the goal is to dominate three nodes in each map.