LV 537


  • LV 537 will be the new setting for an yet unreleased film called 'AVP Outbreak'. Although no further information has been released since the release of the following, hopefully further details will emerge about this film in the future.

United Nations Colonial Marines

AVP Outbreak Teaser Trailer

AVP Outbreak Teaser Trailer

UNCM United Nations Colonial Marines send marines to combat the threat known as the 'insurgence' who have colonised a number of planets near to LV 537 where UNCM have a small community and a research facility called 'Siribus' owned by Weyland Yutani.



  • Example of face animation capabilities, by crazy talk program face animation.
  • Predator, produced by hot toys figures for characters.
  • Alien Queen art.
  • Brought to you by Soho Productions

Face animation



Cyanide Systems Offline


  • Sound track snippet named 'Cyanide Systems Offline' notably the same name as 'Dead Space' sound track.
Cyanide systems offline