Predators Aliens Marines


A DLC map, adds an addition to AvP 3.


'Survivor Edition'
'Hunter Edition'

Australia  18th Feb 2010
U.S        16th Fed 2010
Europe     26th Fed 2010

'Swarm map pack'

           19th Mar 2010


Outpost served as Weyland Yutani’s original colony on BG-386, but was later abandoned and now has been reclaimed by the jungle surroundings. It ressembles more of a wasteland, or ancient grounds more than a colony. Comparable to the 'Ruins' single player map which all species have to navigate throught.


Set as part of a disused Colony, somewhere on BG-386 almost similiar to Jungle in singleplayer mode, instead of an approach to a jungle complex the map enters into 'Outpost'. High walls of the Outpost are left in ruins, as are thr upper floors and internal walls, no roof remains. Part of the complex has slid into a ravine, leaving an impassable chasm. Colapsed reinforced floors act as stairs and pipe ducting that was once covered is exposed and can be used as a crossing passable by foot.



Trees and high outcrops of rock allow for vantage points suited for the Predator. These species would make use of their distant long range weapons. Staying out of sight and then jumping on an unsuspecting prey.


Unhindered by the dark, unlit areas are a bonus for the Aliens. There are a substantial underground network of tunnels that interlink the site. Disappearing at one side and appearing at another. Using their ability to climb any surface, they can make use of the outpost's derelict condition.


Marines can stay covered on this map with vantage points to wait for your prey to approach. Open spaces still a problem as in any map, marines can equally match any of the other species.


One problem with AvP 3 is the lack of a map editor, players could then design their own maps and 'Outpost' could have been somewhat different. A possiblity of improvement to this map would be an increase the overall size, making it comparable to a map size similiar to 'Crash Site'.