Predators Aliens Marines


A DLC map, adds an addition to AvP 3.


'Survivor Edition'
'Hunter Edition'

Australia  18th Feb 2010
U.S        16th Fed 2010
Europe     26th Fed 2010

'Bughunt map pack'

           9th Jul 2010


Furious is an arena style map with a huge active furnace in the middle. The central area is surrounded by a circuliar stairway allowing access to different levels, and a chance to take a short break before the onslaught.


A colosseum shaped map, high walls and pillars support the furnace at the center. Active every 30-40 seconds for 20 seconds, impassable during this time. This is seldom a problem as most of the activity is played on the walkways, lower levels and stairways that surround the furnace. An evenly lit map and large in size, can cause problems for all species in different ways. Furious is a furnace from Refinery.



Predators can use their ability to jump up high, and they will be clear of enemy for a short time. The area high above the furnace is impassable for marines which makes for a vantage point to wait and scope their prey.


Using their ability to climb any surface, they can make use of the furnaces' walls and elevated walkways quicker than the other species.


Marines can stay covered on this map with vantage points to wait for your prey to approach. Open spaces still a problem as in any map, marines can equally match any of the other species.


A unique map with few problems for any species. Thermal vision reduced slightly for Predators, but with ample lighting throughout the furnace complex this won't be a problem.