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Aliens Armageddon (article)[]

Aliens Armageddon the arcade game has been created by the merged companies Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills.

The story follows as 2 combat marines, possibly USCMs, battle with help from a small contingency of troops and vehicles for support. They are armed for the most part with assault rifles rather than the usual pulse rifles which are equipped with scopes and combat torches but have access from their support team driving humvees with assault machine guns. Other weapons include grenades, power-ups and flame throwers, all collected through game play.

Their aim is defense but also completion of tasks that eliminates the alien threat, the ultimate task is to reach the Ark a spacecraft that the survivors can escape from Earth in.

The game's story is set on Earth in the Alien universe in the 21st Century after all major cities are destroyed.


Following in the franchise and not new to the Alien universe having developed the successful and popular Aliens Extermination, an arcade game built in 2007 with a story line set on LV426, Play Mechanix have developed new and some unique aliens that feature in the game.

Aliens that feature are Face Huggers, Crushers, Warrior Aliens, Drone Aliens, Alien Eggs, Alien Queen, Praetorians and other Aliens species, although these aren't new their differences in the Alien games are. For example face huggers resemble the Queen Face Hugger from the film Alien 3, not used in the film but included in the 2003 assembly cut, these face huggers are large and have webbed digits. Further Praetorian like aliens appear that share a similiarity with Xeno Spitters with upgraded carapaces but without acid nodules and Crushers equipped with rockets.

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The game uses cel-shading in part with some realistic textures, running in 1080p@60FPS, on either a 42" or deluxe 55" display. Play Mechanixs' George Petro described the reason to use cel-shading, 'was to better define the threats but if you were to turn the effect off, it would look like a normal high-end 3D game'.

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The game can be played in story mode from the beginning or in chapter mode picking where you want to start. In game screens are very much similiar with the Aliens Extermination game, they include a health and ammo bar and grenades are accumulated along by the ammo bar. Kills and kill streaks counters appear on screen as do target locators, with power-ups that require shooting and warning signs appear including reload. The game's gun mechanism is equipped with the usual trigger and grenade launcher buttons, either fixed on the 42" or a different design that resembles an assault rifle on the 55" version.


Running on a dual core Intel Celeron CPU G530 @ 2.4Ghz and 4.1Gb of ram. The cabinet is equipped with ethernet, cellular and wi-fi connections, mostly for collections of monies and online leader boards through Play Mechanix.

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