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Alien: Isolation
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Alien: Isolation
Creative Assembly
Release date:
7 Oct 2014
Survival horror, stealth
Game modes:
PC, Xbox, Xbox 1
Playstation 3/4
Digital download
Game engine:



Release date for the game Alien: Isolation;

Oct 2014


Description from The Creative Assembly;

'Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. Fifteen years after the events of Alien, Ellen Ripley's daughter, Amanda enters a desperate battle for survival, on a mission to unravel the truth behind her mother's disappearance.

As Amanda, you will navigate through an increasingly volatile world as you find yourself confronted on all sides by a panicked, desperate population and an unpredictable, ruthless Alien.

Underpowered and underprepared, you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and use your wits, not just to succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.'


Alien Isolation20.jpg

Creative Assembly announced a new game based on the Alien franchise May 12, 2011, also to be on console, not formally named but known as Alien IP. A game being produced by a company previously associated with the PC RTS genre.

Although annouced in 2011 pre-production for the game started in 2010, Clive Lindop said about game production and gameplay, 'we're producing a very severe and intense survival scenario', and about the game's engine, 'all the lighting is dynamic, the amount of resolution we want and the effects is all in the environment that makes that fear experience really valid'.

June 2013 The Creative Assembly had a demo prepared for Sega, thankfully they liked the idea and the demo, and production continued.

In October 2013, it was revealed that 20th Century Fox had filed a trademark for 'Alien: Isolation' for use with computer game and video game software, downloadable mobile software, and decorative magnets in October of 2013.

In December 2013, artwork for the game was found on Twitter. December 11, 2013 Lifelower leaked four images from the game again on Twitter, followed by confirmation from Sega on Jan 07, 2014 that the game should be released late in 2014, releasing gameplay images, in game footage and interviews from the team.

A dedicated website has since been established following this, called http://www.alienisolation.com/ which sets about details of the game and associated information and forums.

The Creative Assembly, hold a lecture called 'Develop's An Audience With…', about the game Alien: Isolation February 12th 2014, in the Dolby lounge in Soho, London.

During Feb a week of promotion, audio, images and videos are released hinting at what can be expected. Followed by EGX Rezzed UK, at the NEC in Birmingham 28/30th March 2014, were Alien: Isolation was playable on console and the release date was set during the developers' meetings.

During April and May a number of podcasts were released that included Behind the Terror, The Sound of Alien Isolation, Lo Fi Sci-fi and Creating the cast, these were behind the scenes features that detailed Alien: Isolation game production. Foley and Sound Editorial for the game had been completed at Glen Gathard based at Shepperton Studios in Theatre 2 by May 2014.

In June another promotional week saw the release of Sega's stand at E3 and a new game mode with details at E3. During E3 Sega released another video entitled Alien: Isolation Survive showing more game play with detail on a timed survival mode separate from the game. The new game demo was available again at the show with further images released.

Since being at E3 2014, The Creative Assembly have released the trailer Alien: Isolation The Cast of Alien and Alien: Isolation debut trailer during their visit at SDCC and Nerd HQ, The Cast trailer was connected with their DLC maps available as a pre-order. Also at the events Alien: Isolation had been available with further promotional items in the form of a promotional game and large alien egg with chair. Also a limited edition Alien: Isolation comic being released which tells the story leading upto Amanda reaching the Sevastopol. On 27 July 2014 Fox launched the website Alien Revolt, a promotional campaign for Alien 35th anniversary edition and Alien: Isolation.

August The Creative Assembly released Podcast 5 and during the week of Games Con 2014 they release another video Games Con Improvise CGI trailer with the game being playable at the event. Before release The Creative Assembly is at PAX Prime, Seattle Aug 2014 and EGX London, Sept 2014 with Alien: Isolation, again being playable.

On 9 Sept Alien: Isolation went for production for its 7 Oct release, also Sega released the first of nine videos entitled How Would You Survive. These included No Escape and Don't Shoot which used finished footage from a level already played. Further trailers included ads and the Launch trailer. In Sept Sega announced Survivor Mode with the Basement map bundled with the game Alien: Isolation, 5 further DLC Survivor Modes each with 3 maps should follow, all being released by March 2015.


Alien: Isolation intro sequence has been developed and produced by filming the animation motion graphics, then digitally transfering them onto old video tape (VHS), this was then recorded by playing it back and again recording digitally with added tape stutter (Alien: Isolation Origins).

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The Creative Assembly's comment on gameplay and characters;

"No. There are no soldiers in this game. Androids are one of the core components of the IP and in Alien there is Ash and there’s some duplicity there. In the demo you may have noticed one that’s been ripped in half. But the station is run by a corporation called Seegson and they have their own type of android who are just following instructions and are nowhere as near advanced as Ash." (The Creative Assembly Talks Terror)


The story unfolds as the Nostromo's flight box recorder is recovered and Amanda Ripley is sent from Earth with a crew to find any signs of Ripley who with the rest of the crew are missing along with the Nostromo.

The game is played as Amanda Ripley who can interact in events and other characters both on the spacecrafts and space stations. Only the weapons and equipment featured in the film Alien should appear in gameplay, although in released game other added equipment is included. Added support for console features planned which link into controller buttons features have been sidelined in favour of a similiar feel, look and gameplay between the consoles.

The Companies Weyland-Yutani and Seegson Corporation form part of gameplay and the storyline features events between the films Alien and Aliens. It is unclear if other releases set for release in 2014 and set between the two films are to link together. The story for Alien: Isolation was written by Dan Abnett, Dion Lay and Will Porter, with music being composed by Jerry Goldsmith, Christian Henson, Joe Henson and Alexis Smith.

Game modes[]

You can play in the following modes;

Gameplay modes[]

Crew Expendable
Last Survivor


Amanda Ripley

Dr Morley
Dr Kuhlman
Dr Lingard


On/Offline 1 player
Content downloads
Leader boards


San Cristobal Medical facility
Spacefight Terminal
Sevastopol Scimed Tower
Seegson Communications
Lorenz Systech Spire


Closing the Book
Welcome to Sevastopol
Seegson Communications
The Quarantine
The Outbreak
Seegson Synthetics
The Trap
Harzard Containment
A Synthetic Solution
The Descent
The Message
Tomorrow, Together

DLC Levels[]

Crew Expendable
Last Survivor

Survivor Levels[]



Flame thrower
Pipe Bombs
Flash Bangs
EMP Mines
Molotov cocktails
Smoke Bombs
Stun Baton
Bolt gun


Motion Tracker
Maintenance Jack
Pass cards
Noise maker






Sega Corporation, usually styled as SEGA, is a multinational video game software developer and an arcade software and hardware development company headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, Japan, with various offices around the world.


Founded in 1987 and based in Horsham, UK, The Creative Assembly made its name in 2000 with the smash-hit PC strategy game Shogun: Total War. Since then, the Total War series has gone from strength to strength, and last year, we reprised the medieval Japanese era with Shogun 2, which won more awards than we really have cabinet-space for.

From a starting team of five, we now employ nearly 200 super-talented developers from all around the world, and we’re still growing. Complementing the Total War team, our rapidly-expanding console studio is currently working on the industry’s best-kept secret: an entirely new cross-platform title based on the Alien IP, that goes where other Alien games fear to tread. We’re not quite ready to show it off yet, but when the time comes –let’s just say we’re definitely going to need that new trophy cabinet.

Sited within easy commuting distance of London and Brighton, we’re in a fantastic part of the world, and a recent office refurb means we now work in a super-swish environment that reflects the talent we house. A studio’s nothing without people, and we have some of the very best in the industry – people you’d be proud to number among your friends and colleagues. We have a focussed and friendly culture which is non-corporate and enormously professional, and we reward creativity. That’s the way we plan to keep it.


10 Nostromo Logs
151 Archive Logs
50 ID Tags


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of points:

Awake - Completed 'Closing the Book'
Welcome to Sevastopol - Completed 'Welcome to Sevastopol'
A Hunt Begins - Completed 'Encounters'
You Shouldn't Be There - Completed 'Seegson Communications'
How Do You Feel - Completed 'The Quarantine'
Caught in the Trap - Completed 'The Outbreak'
An Outpost of Progress - Completed 'Seegson Synthetics '
Shock to the System - Used the stun baton
Bait - Completed 'The Trap'
Hazard Containment - Completed 'Hazard Containment'
A Synthetic Solution - Completed 'A Synthetic Solution'
Consultation - Completed 'Consultation'
Survivor - Completed the game on the hardest difficulty setting
Ripley, Signing Off - Completed the game on any difficulty setting
The Missing - Collected an ID tag
The Taken - Collected all ID tags
Archivist - Collected all Nostromo logs
Light'em up - Used the flamethrower
Just out of reach - Contacted your team and escape Comms without being attacked by an android
Use with Caution... - Used the Shotgun
Every bullet counts - Used the Revolver
Self Defense - Kill 10 humans
Not a Scratch - Escape from android combat without taking damage
Retreat from Fire - Caused the Alien to retreat using a molotov
A Perfect Organism - Encountered the Alien in Sevastopol for the first time
She's in theVents... - Used the vent system 20 times
I Admire its Purity - Detected 30 targets with the motion tracker
Back Off - Caused the Alien to retreat by using the flamethrower
Stunned - Knocked down a human or stunned an android with a non-lethal attack
Build to Survive - Constructed an item
Mercy or Prudence? - Completed the game without killing any humans
Mind Your Step - Navigate Reactor Maintenance without dying
Seegson Security Bypas - Preform 10 successful hacks
Seegson Systems Expert - Complete 10 minigames successfully
Power Games - Accessed 10 different rewire points
A True Engineer - Constructed one of each craftable items
A Record of Disaster - Collected an archive log
Voices of Sevastopol - Collected 100 archive logs
Fault Detected - Killed an Android
100 Times Too Many - Killed by the Alien 100 times
Throwing the Switch - Completed 'The Descent'
The Message - Completed 'The Message'
Hide, Run, Survive - Completed 'The Quarantine' without being killed by the Alien
Not the First - Turned off the beacon
Transmission - Completed 'Transmission'
One Shot - Completed the game without dying
Free the Torrens - Completed 'Desolation'
End of the Hunt - Completed 'Tomorrow, Together'
This Should Work - Used the bolt gun
My Turn Now - Killed an android using only the maintenance jack


DLC Survivor Mode is you versus the creature, against the clock and in a desperate bid for survival. With few resources on each map, players will have to take full advantage of what they can find to complete objectives and escape. Contains three new maps per DLC.

Corporate Lockdown (release 28 Oct 2014)
New playable character Ransome together with a new Gantlet Mode and online leader boards.

  • Severance
  • Scorched Earth
  • Loose Ends


  • tba

Safe Haven

  • tba

Lost Contact

  • tba

The Trigger

  • tba


Total Xbox 9/10
IGN 5.9/10
Games Radar 4.5/5.0
Game Spot 6/10
Metro 7/10



Alien: Isolation
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